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  In the creation HAPPY END , three different disciplines are merged: Aperghis' music, the visual art of Bruno Hardt, Hans Op de Beeck and Klaas Verpoest…and a tale of Charles Perrault.
The setup is a music ensemble (ICTUS) placed under a huge moviescreen, sound spatialised in a concert hall,
and a fairy tale in voice-off.
This version of Little Hop on my Thumb doesn't show any nostalgic pictures of La Douce France , nor any visual links to the lost imagery of ancient storytelling. The cruelty of story is stressed: the quest, the initiation rituals that go together with loss, the query through a labyrinth, the endless chain of corridors lacking a way-out.

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    xProjection at Opéra de Lille, France, 2007  

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